New Christian Day Care to open soon in Italy

Image: Patricia Burke and Daughter — Patricia Burke and her daughter Drenda. Patricia is the owner of Kinder College.

Patricia Burke and Daughter — Patricia Burke and her daughter Drenda. Patricia is the owner of Kinder College. (Cindy Sutherland)

Patricia Burke had been a director for the daycare center at the Avenue Church in Waxahachie for six years. Her love for Christ, children and the desire to be closer to her home in Milford inspired her to open up a Christian daycare center in Italy. It is called Burke’s Kinder College.

Burke’s Kinder College is located on Hwy 77 where the old convalescent center used to be. They started renovating the building in June and have been working hard ever since trying to meet their goal of a grand opening date in mid September.

Patricia has been married to her husband Jimmie for twenty three years and they have three children, Ashley, Ethan and Drenda. Ashley is in school at Hardin Simmons College, Ethan attends Miflord High School and Drenda attends Italy High School.

When asked ‘Why a day care center?’ Burke said, “When my children were little I stayed home and raised them. When my youngest started school I started working at her school. I have always had a passion for being around and teaching young children. I always worked in the nursery and with the pre-school aged children at church, so running my own day care center seemed to be a perfect fit.”

In Patricia’s Kinder College there is a science room, a drama room, a music room, a library, a “ball” room, a nursery room and a play room.

Burke explained, “Each room has a purpose. The science room is where we will be doing science projects, learning that God made our world and everything in it and how our world works as far as growing plants, weather and health. Drama class we are going to let the students dress up in dress up clothes and act out the parts of different books. We also have puppets and a puppet theater so they can act out stories with the puppets. Each teacher will have lesson plans for the week and one day they will actually have drama so the teacher will actually have something planned for that day in the drama room. One day a week they will have science so the teacher will plan out the science activities for that day and the same for library day and music day.”

There is an enrollment fee of fifty dollars to get your child enrolled at Kinder College. They take infants from six weeks old all the way up to fifth grade children. The cost is as follows : Infants up to 12 months old – $135.00 a week, 12 months to 24 months – $125.00 a week, 2 years old – $115.00 a week, 3 years old – $110.00 a week, 4 years old – $105.00 a week, after school – $55.00 and before and after school – $60.00 a week.

Patricia explained, “I just want all the kids to know that Jesus loves them and that God is big and he is going to take care of them no matter what.”

If you would like your child to attend Burke’s Kinder College or would like more information, call Patricia at: 972-483-7737.