Burk’s Kinder College open house

Image: The “Ball Room” — Maegen Fullen, her children Addison, Emerson and Alexia, were already having fun in the “ball room” as Patrica Burk (owner) watches their fun.

The “Ball Room” — Maegen Fullen, her children Addison, Emerson and Alexia, were already having fun in the “ball room” as Patrica Burk (owner) watches their fun. (Cindy Sutherland)

Saturday, October 31st Burk’s Kinder College held their open house leading up to their opening on November 2nd. There were teachers and owner Patricia Burk present to help you take a walk through their beautiful pre-school/day care and give you an enrollment packet.

Maegen Fullen was one of the teachers there explained, “I will be teaching in all classes until they get more students and hire more teachers. I love kids, all ages, all sizes – all kids. I have worked at Ferris Avenue Day Care and took time off to have my twins, Addison and Emerson. Now I am so happy to start working with children again and will be able to be with my children at school too.”

Ethan Burk (owner’s son) will be overseeing the after school students – pre-k through 5th graders. “It is going to be an adventure and one I really will enjoy. I have been around kids all my life. I like this age group because I can play games with the students and not have to change diapers,” laughed Ethan.

Patricia Burk (owner) is ready to open. She had hopes of opening sooner but there were some unforeseen complications with some of the renovations. Her father wrote this poem for her which she says, “says it all.”

There is a Christian lady named Trish
Who’s always had but one wish
To operate a place where
Kids can learn to share
A place where they learn about Jesus too
And don’t have to say, “Jesus Who?”

The Lord told her to leave Ferris Avenue
“I’ve a more important job for you”
So with Faith as her guide
And Jesus by her side,
She struck out to do what she was supposed to do

This wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention Jim
He is her man and she dearly loves him
He works hard at his job during the week
and on the weekends he works even more
He works fast and sometimes doesn’t speak
For he’s taping sheetrock or hanging a door

She’s oft been side tracked which brought pain
Especially from a stopped up drain
Unstopped the drain, and now a busted pipe
It doesn’t do any good to gripe
Just know that Proverbs 3 is guiding you
and Jesus will always see you through

Trisha you will open your business venture
And you won’t be come a servant indentured
The children at last will come seeking Jesus and knowledge
Parents and children will feel blessed to have Burk’s Kinder College

What’s to do now is to “set your eyes”
on what you consider your ultimate prize
and know that Jesus is there by you
Ready to pick you up and bring you through
So raise your hand and point to the sky
Cause you’re a child of the King
Who lives on high
Don’t get down, don’t get blue
Cause that same Lord is alive in you

Patricia said, “There have been some ups and downs with renovating the building but this is all behind us now and we are finally ready to open the doors and we can’t wait.”

If you would be interested in sending your child to Burk’s Kinder College call Patricia at : 972-483-7737.