City council prepares 2010/2011 budget and tax rate

The Italy City Council spent about an hour in a budget workshop Thursday evening preparing the 2010/2011 budget.

The council will adopt the proposed budget and tax rate at a called meeting on Monday, Sept. 20, at 6:30 p.m.

The proposed budget is $2,031,002 and meets all obligations toward debt service and all state and federal compliance requirements, according to Terri Murdock, city secretary/administrator.

This year’s adjustable tax value is $52,211,195 with a proposed tax rate of 0.943573 per $100 valuation.

The projected revenues are $1,098,150 for the general fund and $932,852 for water/sewer.

Revenues in the general fund are $263,000 from property tax, $32,900 from other revenue, $371,100 from business and franchise tax and $431,150 from municipal court.

Other revenue encompass money from EDC administration; section 8; animal control; zoning, variance, annexation applications; and interest.

Expenditures for the upcoming year in the general budget include $523,981 for administration, $26,100 for fire department, $74,800 for court, $396,428 for police department and $48,556 for streets. A police car, valued at $24,285 is also included in the expenditures.

In the water/sewer department, projected revenues are $932,852 with $907,952 coming from ordinary income and $24,900 projected from other revenue.

Ordinary income includes water sales, sewer sales, late charges, reconnect fees, sanitation collection, surplus items and interest. Other revenue includes the tower lease, water taps, sewer taps, sanitation franchise, return check charges and miscellaneous other revenue.

Dean Carrell, water superintendent is separating the water and sewer expenditures in order to track expenses closer.

Water expenses are expected to run about $305,420 for personnel, $5,000 for professional services, $180,255 for transfers, $107,477 for water, $47,400 in sewer, $128,000 in sanitation (DCI), $110,000 in utilities/communications, $14,000 for insurance/bonding, $3,300 in employee development/training and $32,000 in an emergency fund.

The water expense, upon presentation, did not include the projected cost to move water and electric lines on Genoa – a project the council approved at a recent meeting. The water line is not in the easement and the property owners are asking the city to move the water line off their property and move the electrical line from running across their back yard.

After adjusting figures, the group managed to get enough into the waterline repair and maintenance line item to cover most of the expected cost.

The budget reflects a salary increase for all city employees.

Comment from D. Huskins – September 20, 2010, 8:22am

I like that last line. Does that include a raise for our lazy, good for nothing mayor? Last time I was in city hall he was too busy playing with his cellphone to look up. I wonder if we are paying that cellphone. Soaking up that cool AC.

One more thing, you failed to mention that this is a tax rate increase. I’m not very fond of those.