Food for Kids

Image: Alysa Kirton is busy stuffing backpacks with food.

Alysa Kirton is busy stuffing backpacks with food. (Cindy Sutherland)

Stafford Elementary and the Italy Ministerial Alliance have teamed up to help kids and families with food for over the weekends. Every Thursday teams from local churches come and stuff backpacks with food at Stafford Elementary.

Ruth Tarrant is one of the volunteers with the Ministerial Alliance and was helping to stuff the backpacks. She explained, “The name of the program is Food for Kids. These backpacks are for kids and families for whatever reason may need assistance with food over the week end. Every Thursday we meet at Stafford Elementary to pack the backpacks and they are given to the students on Friday to take home. The backpacks are numbered representing a student, they are packed with food, given to the students on Friday and brought back to school on Monday.”

Mrs Bedard (school counselor) is in charge of this program and said, “Stafford Elementary is basically running this program and the Ministerial Alliance is sending teams in to support the program. Different churches across town have different teams coming out every week to stuff food into the back packs.”

When asked what she thought about this program Mrs. Bedard responded, “I think it is amazing. I think it is a wonderful tool to help families and kids. I am just happy were are able to do this for them.”