Regular Avalon Water and Sewer Service Corp meeting for May

The Avalon Water and Sewer Service Corporation (AWSSC) met Thursday evening for their regular scheduled meeting. Topics for discussion were sewer and plant upgrade updates, health insurance for Gregg Rodriguez, employee time off, work orders, TCEQ letter on sampling requirement, signature cards for all banks, USDA operating budget information, land appraisal and a legal brief concerning waste water treatment site.

The board’s attorney Jessie Mungia was ill and president David Waishes asked the board to go into executive session first thing with the attorney and go over the land appraisal and legal brief concerning the waste water treatment site so when they finished Jessie could go home. The board agreed, they went into executive session and returned at 7:55 pm with no formal action taken, so no vote was passed.

Before they broke for Executive Session Mr. Mungia explained about Senate Bill 18. He said it did not affect the AWSSC board. This bill did not apply to water and sewer departments. He also asked that discussion on the pro-bono attorney be tabled because he had not finished the paper work yet.

In his president’s report David Waishes said he was sorry for the loss of two key board members, Patsy Russell and Santos Mungia. He said he appreciated all they have done and explained that he had only been on the board for two months and now knows the challenges and hard work that is involved. And thanked them again for their service.

During the water report, Dean Carrell (consultant for AWSSC) told the board the D&R report showed that the plant is working well. Lab work was processed from the water sampling and the form needed to be signed by Mr. Waishes and mailed to TCEQ by the 20th of May.

Mr. Waishes asked Carrell if he could bring a price proposal to the board by next meeting for the cost of the overflow that Italy was going to take so they could see if it was in their budget.

The board went on to address the issue of only two people on the board being on the signature card at the bank. The only two members that now are on the signature card is Robin Donaldson (secretary/treasurer) and Denice Wimbish (one of the directors). The board decided to add Jeremy Langley (one of the directors) and Harrison Romero (one of the directors) to the signature card.

Discussion on acting on president approval for time off for employees was met with the decision that a time off request should be submitted to the president.

After some discussion the board decided to provide the USDA a copy of their operating budget. There was a motion, it was voted and it was unanimously accepted.

In regular business, approval of minutes of previous meeting of April 9,2012, review and approval of amended March 8, 2012 minutes, review and approval of financial report for payment of current expenses and review and approval of repair invoices were all approved unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 9:02 pm.