New Mayor and elected city council members sworn into office

Image: Jame Hobbs being sworn into the office of Mayor.

Jame Hobbs being sworn into the office of Mayor. (Cindy Sutherland)

Thursday, May 16th James Hobbs was sworn into the office of Mayor by Terri Murdock (City Administrator) along with incumbent Rodney Guthrie and incumbent Greg Richards for city council to a packed house.

Richards and Guthrie both thanked everyone for voting them into office for another term. Councilmen Bruce Utley, Dennis Perkins, Mayor Hobbs, Greg Richards and Rodney Guthrie all thanked Mayor Jackson for serving the city for fourteen years.

Mayor Hobbs said when asked how it feels to be Mayor, “After being in office for only 2 days, it is a very good and fulfilling feeling that I am representing the citizens.”

“I will use the best of my abilities with the assets at hand to lead the city. Life is about changes-everyone is different. Everyone has different ideas and it takes everyone’s ideas in the community to implement a successful government,” Hobbs answered when asked how was he going to help the city.

Hobbs went on to say, "I have been asked what changes I am going to make. Changes take time, I have to first see what changes need to be made for the best interests of the citizens of Italy. I want to represent the people the best way I can. We have started working with the Public Works Department in the area of public safety. We are going to discuss and implement mosquito control and we are upgrading emergency management systems for the safety of the citizens.

Mayor Hobbs continued, “I feel and understand a lot of what the last mayor’s trials and tribulations that are attached to the successful running of every day city government. Thank you Mayor Jackson for the last 14 years of service you have provided to the citizens of Italy.”

Congratulations, Mayor Hobbs, and councilmen Rodney Guthrie and Greg Richards!