School district to sell old computers to the public

The Italy School Board of Trustees held a brief meeting Monday evening in the school cafeteria.

Barry Bassett, superintendent, discussed the selling of old computers to the public as early as Friday. Current plans are to sell the old computer systems on a first come, first serve basis. He said the computers are cleaned, with no operating system and no software. He said the district would have more information about the computer systems on the ItalyNeotribune when they decide to move forward.

He also presented a proposal about technology and said he would like community input. He said school board members are considering nominating local residents to a committee to expand the technology program. Bassett said he hoped to form this committee to make a better school and a better community.

Michael Chambers, maintenance director, said the concrete has been poured at the new ag barn and said construction should be completed by the first of October.

The trustees also unanimously approved an interlocal agreement with Ellis County and took no action regarding nominations for the Ellis County Appraisal District Board of Directors.

Trustees unanimously approved the consent agenda consisting of minutes from the previous meetings, student enrollment, utility report, transportation report, check register, monthly investments and cash position, August financial statement and tax collections.

Current enrollment, as of Sept. 11, was 514 students – 272 at Stafford Elementary and 242 at the junior high/high school. Refined average daily attendance is 492.79 or 98.09%.

The utility report indicated the district spent a total of $142,900.48 for utilities for the 2012-2013 fiscal year — $9,858.99 for Atmos Gas, $17,132.12 for water and $115,909.37 for electrical.

The transportation report indicated the district spent $2,137.51 for fuel costs during the month of August. Total August maintenance expense for vehicles and buses is $570.66.

Current tax collection is at 97.4% for maintenance and operations and 96.6% in interest and sinking.

Trustees adjourned into executive session to discuss personnel and superintendent evaluation. They took no action following the executive session.