ISD trustees approve profile for superintendent search

William Smith with Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) spent a little over an hour Monday night discussing a profile for a prospective superintendent.

Smith said about 80 citizens, parents, teachers and community leaders spent time expressing their concerns recently.

Smith said the top three problems citizens expressed concern about was the turnover in administration; micromanaging; and the need for trust and dependability.

He listed several characteristics people recommended in a superintendent:
 — An effective communicator, who has an open door policy, is accessible and approachable.
 — Know school financial management; state and federal school finance laws; has knowledge of grant writing and acquisition or is willing to learn.
 — Understand and able to deal with diversity in the district.
 — Is able to work with the board and with mutual trust and cooperation;
 — Is able to build trust and unity, doesn’t sugarcoat an issue, has unquestionable ethics and is trustworthy.
 — Someone who understands small schools and is involved and active in the school and community. Someone dedicated to the job and to Italy and wants to be there for the long term.
 — Someone who will live in the district, maybe not at first, but eventually.
 — Someone who will hold the staff accountable and lead by example to the benefit of the district and students.

Trustees approved the characteristics with a unanimous vote.

Smith said he likes to see a board that can disagree but not be disagreeable. He said it is fine to disagree but reminded trustees that they shouldn’t get their feelings hurt if things don’t go their way.

Smith said 44 had begun completing the application for the superintendent’s position but said three have withdrawn their applications.

The next regular meeting of the trustees will be held Dec. 19.