Tekell drops out of the 2014 Italy City Council race

In an email received by the Italy Neotribune, Mr. Jerry E. Tekell stated that he has decided to bow out of the upcoming Italy City Council race.

This year there will be three seats up for election. With the recent decision made by Mr. Tekell, there will be a total of 7 candidates vying for one of the three seats available.

This week the Italy Neotribune sent questionnaires to all candidates. Upon receipt of these questionnaires, the Neotrib will publish them in the order they were received.

Candidates (listed in ballot order):

  • Pete Hinojosa
  • Franky Jackson (I)
  • Dennis Perkins, Jr. (I)
  • Steven Farmer
  • Jerry E. Tekell
  • Paul Cockerham
  • John R. Droll
  • Karen Maida Mathiowetz

Per the email from Tekell, he explained that he contacted the election officials too late to be removed from the ballot completely but wanted the community to be aware of his decision to drop out of the race.