Italy City Council 2014 Candidate Questionnaire: Franky Jackson

Hello, my name is Franky Jackson, lifelong resident of Italy, and graduate of Italy High School. I also attended Hill College in Hillsboro. I have served 8 years as a council member and 14 years as mayor. I attended 11 meetings out of twelve.

The city of Italy has worked hard improving our infrastructure. We built a new sewer plant that should sustain us well into the future. This plant was built for a population of 6500 people. We no longer contract with anyone to maintain the plant, but instead, Mr. Carrell and his staff now take care of all the maintenance. We also built a new water plant with over a million gallons of water on reserve and a new water treatment facility. Mr. Carrell is working closely with the Texas water board and TCEQ to improve the taste and quality of water as well as keeping the city in compliance with the state. We are currently looking at upgrading street equipment with no new taxes to the citizens to help solve the pothole problems. With improvements to our infrastructure, more businesses are looking at the city. We have good people running for council, and I can work with any of them for the good of the city.

This city abides by the rules of the Texas Municipal League and we are considered a “Type A general law city” which means that we must go by the Laws of the Texas Local Government Code. The city budget is put together by the mayor, council and the department heads. We do everything possible to put together a budget that works best for the City. No one person can change the budget. It is very important to have a good budget because the auditors, banks and other lending institutions check our budgets. A bad budget can affect our credit rating as a city or our ability to borrow money.

One of my top priorities as a council member is making sure our city is prepared for the future. I am proud to say last year as mayor we were awarded a quarter of a million dollars for water line improvements. I have served on the steering committee for Congressman Joe Barton and Congressman Martin Frost. I also served as a voting member of the Texas Municipal League, a member of Texas Town and Cities, a member of the national Conference of Black Mayors and Elected Officials. I served on the Ellis County Redistricting Committee. I served on the Italy Park Board (along with Tina Haight and Clover Stiles helping to bring back the Christmas Festival), the EDC Board, the Higher Education Board, The Board of Adjustments, the Mayor’s Easter Egg Hunt and the Cinco De Mayo Festival. I am a member of the Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church in good standing where I have served as a class leader, trustee board member and president of the gospel choir.

What people don’t know about me is that I am currently working with Mr. Carrell and Mrs. Murdock to bring a few major businesses to Italy. I have no hidden agenda and there will be no broken promises. My only reason for running is because I love the City and the people. I would appreciate your vote.

Thank You

Frank Jackson