Letter to the Editor: City raises

I would like to respond to [the latest Karen’s Korner] article and explain why I voted against the budget. Many of those reasons you have already given, along with explanations. However, it’s always best served in my own words.

I believe that raises should be given equal across the board without favoritism. This is not the case, favoritism has won the battle. For instance, how is Jacob only making $187.20 more than Shedric. Jacob has his water license and Shedric has no licenses but has been here 8 years. Then you have Jeff whom has only been with the City for only 7 months and he gets the biggest raise out of everyone. While our officers have to wait until their probation period is up before they get the department minimum. This is unsatisfactory! If we were to hire an officer today they would come in at a dollar more an hour than the ones that have already have been serving our community.

During the last article Karen wrote, she addressed the federal law in which we were in violation of. Since then, the employees have been switched back to comp time. This matter should have been brought up in front of City Council. This issue is currently on the agenda for the upcoming meeting. Whomever switched this over without approval should be held accountable but we have proven time and time again that they will not hold their friends accountable. Instead of running a business, they continue to lean toward friendship and that’s not fair to the employees or the community.

Everyone looks at me as I’m the one causing the problems and that’s not true. I have been trying to work with everyone but the bad decisions and personal agendas from certain Department Heads and Council Members are crippling this town and I will not stand for it. I will not stand for employees being treated unfairly and I will not see the community suffer anymore.