Italy City Council sets date for trick or treating

This is an addition to the Italy City Council meeting report for Monday night.

The council considered three dates for Halloween trick or treating since Halloween falls on a Friday night this year. A discussion was held because of Friday night football games. The dates considered were October 25, October 31 or November 1. The council voted to keep Halloween trick or treating on October 31, 2014. Trick or Treat on Main Street will be held on October 31, 2014 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

During citizens comments, Joan Grabowski and Charles Hyles addressed the council.

“Several times before I have requested that a packet with the documents that the council has be placed on the table here for citizens to look at, but that has not happened,” said Grabowski. “I would appreciate it if yall would do that.”

She also said that in a previous meeting the citizens were told that research would be done to find an alternative to chloramine. She asked the status of possibly using UV technology instead of chloramine to safeguard city water. Dean Carrell, Public Works Supervisor, said that UV technology would be too costly to use.

Charles Hyles spoke to the council regarding the way the downtown area looked. He said that he had hoped the city would have cleaned up the downtown area and pavilion for homecoming.

“Several of the ex-students I talked to last weekend asked me why downtown looked like it did,” said Hyles. "One of them even suggested the city mow Main Street. I don’t know whose responsibility it is to keep our downtown area clean and I know everyone is busy. I just hope that next year it would be clean when everyone comes back for Homecoming.

Council member, Steven Farmer, requested that the council consider placing GPS units on public works vehicles.

“It would protect the city and the employees if we do this,” Farmer stated.

The issue was postponed to give Teri Murdock time to research the cost for the GPS.

Farmer also requested that the council members be furnished actual charge slips not just summaries of charge card bills. At present the council members are not furnished the information to know what is being charged.

He also suggested that all city employees turn in their credit cards. He requested the city use purchase orders instead. Teri Murdock told the council that she had taken care of this. She stated that she and Ronda Cockerham were the only employees at present with credit cards and purchase orders would be used.

The council was also furnished with employee job descriptions for their review.