School Board Appreciation Night and department reports

Image: Hailee Mathers presents one of the gifts to the school board.

Hailee Mathers presents one of the gifts to the school board. (Mike South)

School Board appreciation was celebrated at the Italy ISD School board meeting Tuesday, January 20, 2015. The Stafford elementary student council and the High School presented gifts to the school board for their hard work and dedication.

Opening item for the school board meeting tonight was the presentation of awards. Its School Board Appreciation week for the IISD, and the Stafford Elementary Student Council was the first group to present their awards. Each of the Stafford Student Council members was able to stand up and present an award to each of the school board members.

Mr. Glover and his art students hand painted the bag and frame, the office staff made the jars candies and Mrs. Eaglen’s Family Consumer Science classes made the cookies

After the award ceremony, both principles and the superintendent presented the awards that each of schools and district have won.

High School/Junior High School Principal’s Report

Italy High/Junior High School Attendance Rate

  • 96.9%
    • 97.17% Last Month (State Average 95.9% k-12)

College and Post High School Readiness

  • Class of 2015
    • 46% have been accepted to a post high school institute
    • 12% have applied and waiting for a letter of acceptance
    • 21% (7) are in the process of applying to a post high school institute
    • 6% (2) are committing to military service
    • 12% (4) are committing to the workforce
    • 3% (1) are undecided
    • 82% (27) have taken ACT or SAT College Readiness Test
    • 55% of the class of 2015 are graduating from IHS with college credits

The class of 2015 is graduating with a total of 418 college credits and approximately 139 college classes completed. Italy ISD paid approximately $24,000 for these dual-credit college courses. The cost of that education would have been approximately $135,000 for the families of the students.

Counselor’s Report

  • All senior meetings are complete.
    • Transcripts, scholarships and after high school plans discussed
  • Meetings with freshmen, sophomore and juniors coming occur soon
  • Working on Personal Graduation Plan for all freshmen
  • All seniors are on track to graduate on time

Upcoming Events

  • Texas Workforce will visit on January 30th
  • The counselor will host a FAFSA Workshop February 21st
  • FW Stock Show starts this week
  • SA Stock Show starts week of Feb 16th
  • Too Good for Drugs Program – Weekly lessons start in March
  • Shattered Dreams March 9th and 10th

Athletic Director’s Report

  1. Equipment in Girls Softball unis and Boys Baseball unis, Replacement bars, Dumbbells, and a Jammer for both of the Wt. rooms.
  2. All sports are staying within their budget spending this year. Very proud of the head coaches for being financially responsible, as well as Natasha and the Board for giving each sport a bigger budget. We have been trying to be good stewards of these funds.
  3. Walmart donation $1,000-Friday at the Basketball games there will be a presentation of the “big check” and then Walmart will send the real check at the end of the season. I already have a thank you card signed and ready to deliver to Walmart on behalf of Italy Athletics.
  4. Attended two great Administration Workshops
    1. AD UIL – Very encouraging and good meeting
    2. Management workshop today – very helpful in managing multiple entities.
  5. Request for additional coaches for next year
    1. Hire: 2 girls side
    2. Hire: 1 on boys side
    3. After meeting with Mr. Velasco, upon his approval, I would like to further discuss the specific positions for hire for.
  6. I and Mr Walton are currently running the clock at all games, and I have been serving as assistant JH girls coach to Coach Richards.
  7. JH basketball tourney – Saturday
    1. Boys: 8th grade 1st, 7th grade 2nd
    2. Girls: 8th grade 3rd, 7th grade 4th
  8. JV basketball tournament – This Saturday
  9. Girls Varsity Basketball
    1. Growing, improving and more experience- building from last year
    2. Ranked in the top 25 in the State
    3. 1st place in our District
  10. Boys Varsity Basketball
    1. Rebuilding- 3 Varsity players from last year’s term
    2. Players are getting stronger each game at the fundamentals: free throws, rebounding, getting back in transition, and attacking the basket.
  11. Powerlifting went to Forney Saturday
    1. Ana Luna placed 5th out of 12
    2. Kyle Fortenberry placed 7th out of 16
  12. Fields are ready- softball and baseball
  13. Softball
    1. Ready for the transition
      1. Mrs. Tindol will be assisting Coach Fullmer, on a volunteer basis at practices when Coach Richards moves to Softball.
      2. Coach Richards will still be attending all Basketball games, unless there is a previously scheduled Softball game, in that case Mrs. Tindol has volunteered to be present and assist Coach Fullmer.
    2. Hamburger dinner for Softball will be Friday Jan. 23rd- 4:30 to 7:30
  14. Baseball
    1. Coach Cady recently attended his annual Baseball conference
    2. New jerseys are in
    3. Told that cleats will be in within the week
    4. Try-outs will be held Saturday morning January 31st for team placement
  15. Track
    1. Coach Campbell attended a Track conference this last Saturday
    2. New Track Uniforms are in
  16. Spring Schedules
    1. All spring sport schedules (with the exception of Tennis) are posted on our Athletic Web page on our district web site.
  17. There is a Coaching staff directory posted on the Athletic site web page with all coaches, responsibilities and their contact information.
  18. I am continuing to hold monthly All coaches meetings
  19. Tutoring began today, so all my core teaching coaches will end their practices at 3:00 and attend their schedule tutorials and then resume their practices after.
    1. Non-core coaches will be handling practice during this time for athletes who do not need to attend tutorials.
  20. Football uniforms
    1. Will be ordering this spring for fall