Italy City Council meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum

Attending: Steven Farmer, Paul Cockerham, and James Hobbs

Mayor Hobbs started the meeting at 5:05pm, Roll call revealed the lack of a quorum. It was reported that Rodney Guthrie reported an injury to his back, Greg Richards has been sick all day, and Frankie Jackson is out for allergies and sick.

Paul Cockerham and Steven Farmer took some time to comment on the fact that the meeting was not able to proceed due to the absences. Please review the video for the details of those comments.

Once the council members comments were done, they just reviewed some of the agenda items on the list. They were not permitted to make decisions on these, but they are able to discuss them. There were several items covered, and citizens had the opportunity to discuss them openly during the meeting. Please see the video for those details.