Listen to the facts; don’t get consumed by the rumors


In a few short days the voters of Precinct 131 will begin early voting on several important issues facing our community.

  • The mayoral election has us at a real crossroads.
  • The city council election gives us many options.
  • The city election resolution is a formality. This is nothing new, BUT, it certainly would be nice to see some positive results on how these monies are spent. That very fact is why the Mayor and City Council election is so important. Moving on….

And then the Italy ISD items up for election:

  • With all the other hub-ub going around in the community, the School Board election has definitely taken a back seat.
  • The Italy ISD Bond proposal is a hot topic. I plead that all of the voters make sure that you are listening to the facts and not being sucked in by the rumors.

You have one last opportunity to come to a public question and answer session at the school. It will be held on Thursday, April 23rd in the Italy High School Band Hall. The session will begin at 6pm with a tour of both campuses and then the Q&A session will begin at 7pm.

A few facts that I am afraid are being missed on the Bond issue:

  • Of the $12,000,000 being proposed, 81% is being allocated to educational improvements and 19% is being allocated to athletic improvements.
  • Of the three Phase 1 items being proposed, (#1) additions and remodel of Stafford Elementary, (#2) new Ag/Career & Technical Education (CTE) classrooms and shop, and (#3) football stadium with turf field, 8 lane track, bleachers and concession/restroom building, ALL three projects will begin construction at the same time.
  • The well honored Gladiator Regiment Marching Band will also benefit from the construction of the football field/track with much improved opportunities to practice marching on a permanently marked field with wet muddy conditions never being an issue again. ALL athletic programs at Italy High School will benefit from a track, not just football. The track will also be open for walkers/runner in the community to use at will.