Gladiator Band leadership team shares the joy of music at Trinity Mission


On Sunday the 17th, 11 Italy Gladiator regiment band members made their way to Trinity Mission Health center to give a little treat to the residents there. “You never know what a little music can do for somebody,” clarinet player Christy Murray said afterword. “These people love to see the talent in this young generation, and we want to exceed their expectations.”

“The reason we did this was preparation for the upcoming marching season,” explains Michael Hughes. He said every year the band directors hold, “auditions,” for positions as leadership in the band. Perspective leadership candidates can apply for positons such as Head and Assistant drum major or section leaders. With the next year being a potential state year for AA school districts, the Italy band is making sure that they have the most suitable person for each position.

On Thursday during the band period, the directors issued the candidates a simple, yet complex challenge. They were asked to “WOW,” them. They hit the ground running and before the day was over they had a plan to surpass the standards set. With only a few days to accomplish their goals, they quickly pulled together their resources and made their way to the nursing home to share the joy of music with the people that appreciate it the most.

They performed a many songs but they stole the audiences’ hearts with an arrangement of Amazing Grace that brought tears to many eyes. After the instruments were put away, they spent time talking and singing with the residents. “You don’t always see how deserving these people are. They are amazing people that just need someone to talk to,” stated Vanessa Cantu. Ecclesia Valsaco said, “Something as simple as singing nursery rhymes with them can bring smiles to their faces and tears to their eyes.” After a while, the candidate’s time was up and they left to do the finishing touches on their WOW project. Amber Hooker stated, “Even if they aren’t wowed by our endeavor, it was still worth it. The time we spent was rewarding enough to call it a success.”