A Time to Give


Each year around this season many of us actively look for organizations, families, churches, neighbors, and friends who have needs we can help meet. We try to teach our children to proactively notice those around them who could use a little help, and then we find ways to meet the needs they’ve noticed. Even now, both Italy campuses are collecting food for Italy’s food bank to help prepare for the holidays that are inevitably harder for some to celebrate than others.

In a time where many options are extended to you, we’d like you to know about an option to help a family who lives right here in Italy. Eli Thompson was born with Pierre Robins Syndrome and has been hospitalized since birth. His mom is in her forth year of teaching at IHS and currently serves as the CBI teacher; prior to that, she taught junior high math in Italy. Many of you know her by her former name, Ms. Watkins.

As you can imagine, medical bills are adding up quickly; Mrs. Thompson and her husband along with their older son, Ayden, who attends Stafford Elementary, could use your help. A gofundme account has been set up for donations for the Thompson family. There is a goal to reach $5,000 to help the Thompsons. We’d like to exceed that goal, and we know Gladiator Nation can do it. No amount is too small. Donations can be anonymous if you don’t wish to leave your name when you donate.

Let’s show the Thompsons how much we care about their family when they need it the most. To help support this Italy family, go to https://www.gofundme.com/yx9vcz44