Shop with a Hero Shopping

Image: Stafford Students are ready to go shopping with fire fighters and police officers.

Stafford Students are ready to go shopping with fire fighters and police officers. (Karen Mathiowetz)

Shop With a Hero is a local organization that raises money so that Italy ISD students that are chosen by their teachers can go shopping for Christmas gifts for themselves and their family members. Each student may spend up to $300 each at WalMart.

This year six Stafford Elementary students were selected and 3 students from Junior High and High School were also selected to participate.

On December 14, 2016 Fire Fighters and Police Officers arrived at both campuses with lights and sirens on the fire engine and police vehicles to escort the students to WalMart in Waxahachie. The students were so excited to see their escorts arrive. Stafford Counselor, Mrs. Westrick, also accompanied the students.

When asked what he was purchasing, one of the students replied, “I am shopping for presents for my family and if there is any money left, I will get something for myself.” Every one of the students was happy to shop for their family and find special things for themselves.

When the shopping was complete, everyone headed to CiCis Pizza for lunch. CiCis treated each of the students to the buffet.

Then, everyone headed back to the new Italy Fire Department where they shared cookies and punch while wrapping all the gifts.

The gifts were delivered to each of the students the week before Christmas.

Shop With a Hero would like to thank everyone that made this shopping trip possible. A special thanks to Italy ISD National Honor Society students for their assistance. A big thank you goes to all of the sponsors and those that donated this year that made this possible.