Letter from Italy Councilman Paul Shearin

I am Paul Shearin and I sit on the council in Italy, Texas. Last night in our meeting we had a citizen speak during our citizens comments and he used language that was inappropriate and he named some names of folks before being stopped. While I do not know the man personally I still felt I needed to apologize to those who were named and the citizens of Italy.

I took today off to contact many of you that I could personally call and Karen was kind enough to help me expedite that through Neo news. While we have freedoms that I would and do fight for, we must also remember there is a time and place for it. Last night was not the time or place for this particular event. I am an advocate for personally speaking with those you have issues with as I think this is the proper method.

I also want to speak to those who felt as if I was deterring anyone from coming to a meeting. This is the farthest thing from my mind. I was extremely glad to see folks there and hope you will attend as often as you can. If I came across negatively I do apologize and would certainly speak with you personally if needed.

My statement about open records was not to discourage anyone from information needed. I was speaking to those who are gaining info to threaten and intimidate folks.

Again I just feel like open communication is needed and would better serve our city.

I do understand and agree our city has had some difficult times both financially and with personnel. Your concerns are valid and we are striving to make that go away.
Italy is my home and the place I chose to settle my family. Whether or not I serve on council I wish to be a help to our community.

Again thank you for your concern.

You may email if you have any other questions that I may help with.