Italy City Council hires new Police Chief.

After a 2 ½ hour closed session for final interviews for Police Chief position, the Council returned to open session and unanimously voted to hire Mike Taylor with a salary of $52,000. In addition to Taylor, the council also interviewed two other candidates.

Misty Culpepper, CPA presented the 2015-2016 audit to the council. Paul Cockerham requested the audit be included on the city’s website.

Ed Mestyanek, a free lance artist, presented a proposal to the council to create a hand painted mural on the side of the community center where the city hall is currently located or at the pavilion behind the stage. He stated it would bring color to Italy and a monument for our city’s history. He said a 10 × 10 mural on the side of the community center would cost $1500. Mayor Farmer requested he speak to the EDC regarding this before meeting with the council again. No action was taken.

In the February meeting, the council voted not to pay an invoice from RDJ Specialties for items such as pencils and lollipops because they were personalized with Chief Beckham’s name and he was no longer the Chief. Chief Guy Saxon explained the items are given to local children at National Night Out and other times. He also said that all monies in the Police Reserve fund were private donations. After a brief discussion, the council voted to pay the invoices totaling $1607.49 from the Police Reserve Account.

The council voted to approve a fee of $5.00 for 3 days for placing information on the LED Marquee.

Council member Paul Shearin requested the approval of a sub-division at 506 SW State Hwy 34. He stated he was ready to start Phase 2 of the project and his bank requested the approval. The sub-division had previously been approved by the P & Z. The council approved the request. Mr. Shearin abstained from voting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25.

The regular meetings of the City Council are the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Italy City Hall. The public is encouraged to attend.