Gena Low — Avalon ISD’s new Kindergarten teacher

Image: Gena Low — Gena Low is Avalon ISD’s new Kindergarten teacher.

Gena Low — Gena Low is Avalon ISD’s new Kindergarten teacher. (Cindy Sutherland)

Gena Low grew up in the little country town of Nash, TX, so what a perfect fit Avalon ISD is for her. She graduated from Waxahachie High School, got her associates degree at Navarro Jr College and finished with her bachelors degree in education in 2006 from North Texas University.

Lucky for her she was one of those high school students that knew what she wanted to do with her life right off the bat. While in high school she enrolled in a student aide program which allowed her to be a teacher’s aide for Kindergarten and the fifth grade. She loved being with the children and teaching them new things. “I thought, boy, if I could do this everyday, all day and every year with these kids what a wonderful career that would be.”

Low continued, “I knew one day I would have a family and I would be home when they are home and what a great job that would be. I knew whatever I decided to do in a career it would involve children because I love being around them.”

Low did her first year of teaching at Duncanville ISD. She learned a lot in her first year teaching in such a large school district. “I think my experience in a larger school helped to make me a better teacher. I have grown from my first experience of teaching in Duncanville. I knew I needed to be closer to my roots and my family. I like the closeness in a small communilty and a small school atmosphere and that is why I feel really lucky to be teaching for Avalon ISD.”

Gena has been married to James Low for almost four years and they have one child, Trenton Lane Low, who is five months old. Her husband is employed by Elk Corporation in Ennis, Texas and is also a volunteer rural fireman for Waxahachie.

“I want to do this for the rest of my life. I just love it. My goal is to go back and get my masters degree and possibly do counseling or become an assistant principle with a school district.”

Welcome, Gena Low!