Stranger Danger program presented to Stafford Elementary

Image: Cynthia Small — Presenter of recent program at Stafford Elementary.

Cynthia Small — Presenter of recent program at Stafford Elementary. (Cindy Sutherland)

Cynthia Small has been educating children on how to be safe for approximately 15 years. She is with Region 10, an education service center, which serves eight counties teaching several educational workshops which include: Bully prevention, Developmental assets, Drug prevention and True colors (respecting diversity).

One of the programs Small presents is called Stranger Danger. The children start out viewing a video which gives several examples of right and wrong ways to interact with strangers.

Stranger Danger focuses on keeping children safe and drug free. Some of the ways they teach the children to be safe are: don’t talk to strangers, do not go anywhere with someone you don’t know, keep a safe adult close and many more.

“I will do anything it takes to keep our children safe. Our main goal is prevention, stop it before it happens. Teaching the students how to be safe is a big part of prevention,” explains Small.

Friday afternoon, September 5, Cynthia Small presented the Stranger Danger program to the students at Stafford Elementary. They began with a video teaching children ways to be safe. The students were then asked questions about what they had learned from the video and Cynthia then began to demonstrate safety rules.

Way to go Stafford Elementary on keeping our kids safe.