Bethany Matous Avalon ISD’s new fifth grade teacher

Image: Bethany Matous

Bethany Matous (Cindy Sutherland)

This is Bethany Matous’s first year to teach school. She teaches fifth grade for Avalon ISD. Matous graduated from Ennis High School, continued her education at Navarro Jr. College for two years and graduated in 2007 from A&M Commerce at Navarro with her degree in education. She pursued education as her career field because she loves kids, “I just bond with kids and I love them.”

She went on to say, “Fifth grade was the position open and I took it to get my start. I really like this grade level. For now I am happy where I am at. I would like to see about doing other grades later on in my career but I am very happy where I am right now.”

Bethany had the opportunity to sub for Ennis ISD and Rice ISD and that is when she decided teaching was for her. “I just love being around the kids,” said Matous.

The focus for Bethany’s class this year is the TAKS test. “They can’t move on to the next grade if they can’t pass the TAKS test. So I am going to do whatever it takes to help them pass,”explained Matous.

She also teaches computer technology and art to first grade through fifth. She is working on a color book project for her lower grades to help them master their colors.

On her off time Matous works at Super One Foods at Ennis on weekends and spends a lot of time with her grandfather and her dog Peppy.

“I like the small school atmosphere, you can bond with the students and teachers — it is like a big happy family. I am glad to be here at Avalon ISD, we have incredible teachers and incredible students,” said Matous.