Fourth graders recycle

Image: Recycling bin for cans — Lets fill it up!

Recycling bin for cans — Lets fill it up! (Cindy Sutherland)

Cans, cans and more cans! This is what you see right outside of Mrs. Dorzil’s fourth grade classroom in the hall at Stafford Elementary.

Octavia Dorzil’s fourth grade science and social studies class decided to do a project on recycling and conservation. You guessed it, they are collecting cans. They collect cans from their homes and their school. They will continue to do this for the entire year through the first of May.

The proceeds collected will be used for a pizza party for the students. Anything left over will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House charities.

“Through the month of September, the students have collected 33 pounds of cans and have earned $20. We have a third trash can that is almost full,” stated Mrs. Dorzil proudly.

If you would like to contribute to this recycling project you can bring your can donations to room 119, Miss Dorzil’s classroom.

Good job fourth grade!