Homecoming bonfire rescheduled to Thursday

This morning, the Homecoming bonfire committee rescheduled tonight’s burn to Thursday due to:

1. It’s probably going to rain tonight.

It’s already been sprinkling! The weatherman said 40-60% chance of rain today/tonight.

2. The JV Football game has been changed.

The whole reason for the bonfire being scheduled for Wednesday night was because the JV football team would be out of town (Wortham) playing Thursday night and they would miss the bonfire. Now Wortham doesn’t have a JV, so our JV is playing here at 5:30 p.m. Thursday (I think it’s against Itasca but don’t quote me on that one!) The game here should be over by 7:30 p.m. at the latest; therefore, the JV team can attend the bonfire which won’t be torched until it gets really dark.

3. Senior class president Trevor Davis mentioned that with this extra time, perhaps more wood can be collected and thrown on the pile, which isn’t as enormous as previous years (2003 for example—there was on old house under that one!)

Well-meaning citizens may add clean (no paint, no nails) wood to the stack behind the Arriaga home on Derr’s Chapel Road, but remember—be careful and respect the land. The Arriagas are not responsible for any accidents.