Red Ribbon week

Image: Red Ribbon week — There are better things to do than drugs.

Red Ribbon week — There are better things to do than drugs. (Cindy Sutherland)

Monday morning at 9 a.m. students at Stafford Elementary began Red Ribbon week activities. Accompanied by Mrs. Bedard, school counselor, and Rita Garza, school nurse, children put their hand prints on a huge red banner signifying their desire to live a drug free life.

One of the students, Cassidy Gage, a 2nd grader said, “I am putting my handprint on this banner saying I will never take drugs.”

Another 2nd grader, Alex Garcia said, “I am signing the banner with my hand print to say I will not take drugs.”

Bedard said, “Things are so fun this week, it is Red Ribbon week. Everybody is real excited about proclaiming their drug free life. The students are putting their hand prints on the banner showing they are celebrating a drug free life.”

Students will be signing pledges in their classrooms. “By signing the pledges they are saying that they know how harmful taking drugs can be and they don’t want to destroy their future with drug use. They are pledging to live a drug free life,” stated Miss Bedard.

Just say, “No!” to drugs.