Charlotte Morgan Knock Out winner

Image: Charlotte Morgan — Charlotte Morgan, the winner of Knock Out.

Charlotte Morgan — Charlotte Morgan, the winner of Knock Out. (Cindy Sutherland)

When you walked into Stafford Elementary, Thursday, October 30 lots of laughter and cheering was heard through out the gymnasium. Stafford Elementary teachers were playing “Knock Out” (a basketball game) for a prize, as all the students cheered on their teachers.

This was Red Ribbon week all week long and to carry out the theme, Knock Out stood for “Knock out drugs.” This week’s motto being, “Live a drug free life.”

The ball game was fierce, balls landing in the baskets as fast as the teachers could throw them! There was quite a competition between all the teachers, everyone was up to the challenge. It was a difficult decision to choose a winner.

The grand winner was Charlotte Morgan, first grade teacher. She won a free lunch along with her team members, Miss Williams and Miss McClusky and also Miss Janeck, the referee.

Charlotte Morgan said, “I have not played basketball in years, so I was a bit rusty but it was a lot of fun for the teachers and the students. This has been a great week. We are are celebrating ‘Red Ribbon’ week. All the students signed pledges to live a drug free life and we are very proud of them.”

Another fun day at Stafford Elementary.


by Cherilyn Davis on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 4:28 p.m.

Yes I have to say … Charlotte Morgan is a “KNOCK OUT” … Teacher >>> that is, at Stafford. My daughter was lucky enough to have Charlotte for her first grade teacher … What a impression this quality educator  made on my daughter. My daughter still talks about her … just so you know Charlotte … My daughter and I think you grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat … Rock On Charlotte …

Cherilyn Davis