Fall Carnival fun

Image: Jump house fun — How high can Bailey Eubank jump?

Jump house fun — How high can Bailey Eubank jump? (Cindy Sutherland)

Friday, October 31 was Halloween and Stafford Elementary did it up right for their students. Throughout the day the students were invited to play games, jump in a jump house and get their faces painted.

Many teachers and helpers were heading up fun games such as: Frog Hop, Horseshoes, Tip a Troll,First in Ten, Ring Toss, Toilet Paper toss and many more. The students also were participating in a candy walk game where they received candy instead of cakes when they were lucky enough to stop on the selected number.

Elizabeth Evans, teacher at Italy High School, manned a face painting booth. “The strangest request I had was when a student wanted a red hand print painted on their face, they usually want butterflies or ladybugs or something like that. This was a lot of fun.”

Even Ugly Betty showed up and helped to paint faces!

All in all it was fun, games and a good time for all.