The Mayors Easter Egg Hunt — A Hopping Good Time

Image: Are Your Ears Real? — This cute little guy just loved the Easter Bunny’s ears!

Are Your Ears Real? — This cute little guy just loved the Easter Bunny’s ears! (Cindy Sutherland)

Saturday morning at 10:00 AM there were children and parents galore all at the Dunlap Library for the Mayor’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The Easter Bunny hopped over to join the fun and received lots of hugs from the kids.

Everywhere you looked you saw smiling children filling their baskets with lots and lots of eggs.

Tina Haight said, “I am on the Parks Board and we are just trying to make it fun for the kids of Italy. There are over 4,800 eggs here, there are cookies, juice, Easter baskets and the Easter bunny is here.”

Even the Italy Lion’s club joined in to help with the egg hunt. “The Lions club has participated in the Mayors Easter Egg Hunt for the last three years. We help with perimeter control- keeping the children out of the street,” explained Mark Souder (vice president of the Italy Lions Club)

Ann Byers is a board member of the Dunlap Library and was there for this annual event and had this to say, “Looks like everyone is having fun. I don’t see any tears just lots of smiles.”

“I would like to thank the Mayor, the city, the Park Board and all the volunteers for all the wonderful work they have done. They made this such a succes. You only have to look at the faces of the children to see how pleased and happy they are. We have loads of eggs and I would like to thank everyone that helped. It was a good party,” said Kathy French (Dunlap Librarian).

Can’t wait for next year!