Milford Community Easter Egg Hunt

Image: Everyone’s Looking for Eggs

Everyone’s Looking for Eggs (Cindy Sutherland)

Saturday, April 11th at the Milford City Park lots of happy children were hunting for eggs. Everywhere you looked there were eggs to be found. Yes, I am talking about the Miford Community Easter Egg Hunt.

Maxine Morris has been spearheading this event for the last several years. “We have had this Easter Egg Hunt for quite a while now. We enjoy seeing the happy faces on the kids as they hunt for eggs,” explained Maxine.

Lisa Bounds from Frost, Texas was all set up in the park taking pictures of the children with their Easter baskets. “We are here taking pictures for the Easter egg hunt. The kids are having fun holding the bunny and getting their pictures taken.” Lisa owns her own photography business called Memories by Lisa.

Shay Norcross of the First Baptist Church of Milford said, “We are here today for our annual Easter Egg Hunt where we gather all the kids from the surrounding areas. After the Easter Egg Hunt we head back to the church to have hotdogs, chips, cookies and drinks. Everyone in the community donated the eggs and we are just here to have a blast.”

After the egg hunt the crowd headed back to the church for the kids to count their eggs and who ever had the most eggs received a prize.

It was a fun day in Milford!