Strange activity at local doll factory reported

Image: Please come in — Visitors are welcomed to Drucilla Stroud’s mansion

Please come in — Visitors are welcomed to Drucilla Stroud’s mansion

Just like last year, drivers on Hwy 77 have reported seeing strange lights and hearing weird noises at the Kilemol Doll Factory and Meat Packing Plant. It is within a stone’s throw or spitting distance from the Italy Cemetery which could automatically give someone the creeps. The old factory had been dormant and empty since October, 1972 until last year at this time when strange things began to happen.

It is rumored that a local family, the Kilemols, used to trap wild hogs and make sausage to sell. Folks said it was the best tasting sausage they had ever tried. It had a different flavor than any other sausage sold, a spicy, sweet flavor. The family would also tan skins and hides to sell. Their handcrafted dolls were the main attraction for visitors — people would come from as far away as Austin and Denton to purchase these special realistic dolls for their children.

Ray Mitchell’s latest haunted attraction, Necroplex, will open again this year on September 25th. Last year Mitchell took the story of the Kilemol family and brought it to life – horrible, blood curdling life. This year it is bigger and better. He has enlarged the doll factory and it holds many “lifelike” dolls. This year they are offering free parking and a covered waiting area with live music.

“When visitors arrive, we will introduce them to Drucilla Stroud and her mansion. If they look closely, they may even see and get a special touch from Sabbath, her cat. Every room in her mansion is really creepy, even in the daytime,” Mitchell said.

Necroplex is 15,000 square feet of fear generating, unexpected twists and turns in a maniacal mansion, doll factory and packing plant. It is located just to the north of Italy on Highway 77. Those brave enough to enter will spend 30 to 45 minutes trying to survive and not scream themselves to death or be an ingredient in the next batch of Kilemol sausage.

Last year Necroplex was rated the #1 Best New Haunt in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and the #2 Best New Haunt in Texas. Visitors gave rave reviews of their experience. With the changes and additions this year, Mitchell is hoping everyone will like it even more.

“This year we are supporting Sober by Grace, a Christian non-profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility. Anyone that brings 2 can goods will receive $1 off their admission.”

The Necroplex will be open weekends beginning Friday, September 25. For more information, group rates or to print coupons and tickets, go to On the website, Necroplex is offering a buy one get one free for opening weekend only. They also have their own radio station – NecroJamz 1313.