Publishers editorial regarding underage drinking and our youth

In every town there is problems of underage drinking. Unfortunately alcohol and drugs are available everywhere. Recently I asked our police chief C. V. Johns how he would like to handle rumors and facts about people and parties supplying alcohol to our youth. This was his reply:

Rumor – An uncertain truth which is circulated from one person to another, gossip.

Unfortunately Law Enforcement officers can’t operate on rumors, but it’s not to say we can’t check rumors out.

Unknown sources have fueled a rumor that Italy youth are having drinking parties and certain adults are making alcohol available to them.

I’m asking the parents of Italy – if you know of these drinking parties, their whereabouts, and/or the people supplying alcohol to any underage person, please, please, please come forward with this information, if it’s true.

We do not want to lose one of our young people because one person had knowledge and failed to pass it on to any Law Enforcement agency or the Ellis County Sherriff’s office.

You, as parents, should know and, have the right to know what your children are doing.

C.V. Johns
Italy Police Chief

As a service to the ItalyNeotribune readers we will take information and pass on to the Italy Police Department with complete anonymity. You can email with any tips or information.

Italy Police Department Phone Numbers
Main Number 972-483-6414, option 6
Police Chief 972-483-6414, ext. 203
Police Secretary 972-483-6414, ext. 200