The Act Of Giving

Today was a big payoff. For many years now, we have collected wheelchairs and other types of medical equipment. We do this in order to donate to people that may need it, or are not able to afford it. I invite others that are not in need of their old wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, nebulizers, oxygen machines, etc to bring it to us here at Monolithic, or we will pick it up from you.

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Thoughts on our upcoming elections

I felt like I needed to write something about our upcoming election and the turmoil that surrounds our city government. I didn’t quite know what to say, until my brother in law, Gary Clark, brought a quote to our staff meeting.

From the publisher: What is really going on at Italy City Hall?

Image: City Council Meeting Agenda for Thursday, September 5, 2013

As publisher of the Italy Neotribune I have watched, generally from afar, the operation of the City Government of Italy. It has been a wonder to behold. We have a new mayor that would like to make some changes. Changes are always tough and he is getting a lot of push back. Obviously being Mayor is new to him and he is making many people in the administration upset. There is often two sides to most questions and here are some of my observations.


From the Publisher: Dear Citizens of Italy, Texas

We at the Italy Neotribune have been producing it at no cost to the city or the school for many years. It is our donation to the betterment of Italy. Some of our staff lives within the city limits and many live outside the city limits, but we are all part of the City of Italy family.

Certain school board members want to fire superintendent Malone

The Italy School Board wants to get rid of Superintendent Malone. According to multiple sources, the special meeting scheduled for Monday evening is to pressure Malone into resigning or — failing that — possibly firing him. The timing of this is suspect at best, it can ruin a man’s life, it would unalterably change the future of the district, and probably will end quality education in Italy.


Law regarding mandatory address signs

Image: House Bill 2665 – page 1

There is a new law that has recently been passed by the Texas Legislature. (See the images.) This law is set up to allow any county that wishes to subscribe to it, to force all the home owners in the county to put a regulation size sign on their homes identifying the home.

Our elected officials “snuck” one in on all of us…how many more?


What a surprise, what a big surprise to get this letter from Joe Grubbs, county attorney. It turns out the way I read it, any municipality can enact illegal annexations or probably anything else within the city and if it is kept quiet and no action is filed against it within two years; it is automatically beyond any action. In other words, the illegal annexations that were carried out by the City of Italy are now legal.

To the Italy City Council: Shame on You

Image: Town Council — The Italy City Council: John Droll (who voted against the salary), Mark Souder, Dennis Perkins, Mayor Frank Jackson (standing), Greg Richards and Rodney Guthrie.

On Monday, the Italy City Council turned the Mayor’s job into a paid position. This is not just unwise, it’s probably illegal and certainly unethical. It undermines the trust of the community and makes everyone feel that the good old boy system is alive and well in Italy, Texas.

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Change zoning to grow Italy

Did you know that Houston does not have zoning. One study by US News and World report said the only difference they could see when they studied cities with zoning and without was it was more expensive to own and/or build in the zoned cities. It is about freedom. If a property is zoned for a park it will not sell for very much in most cities. If it is zoned for homes the value is determined by the buyers of homes. If it is commercial its value will be determined by what the business owner figures it is worth. Rarely will any business want to move into a neighborhood. But there may be a doctor who would like to be closer to his patients. Or a coffee shop might like to have a small neighborhood unit. Can you see the value?


To protect the city — or to meddle

Italy needs to decide if they want businesses in town or just certain homes. The last P & Z meeting illustrates the point. Today, if a business person wants to open a facility in Italy they have to beg. It looked like that might change in the last P & Z meeting, right up until someone says we must add the phrase with special use permit.