From the Publisher: Dear Citizens of Italy, Texas

We at the Italy Neotribune have been producing it at no cost to the city or the school for many years. It is our donation to the betterment of Italy. Some of our staff lives within the city limits and many live outside the city limits, but we are all part of the City of Italy family.

Over the years, we have seen many changes in the city’s administration — some that were desperately needed and some that were just interesting. Lately we are seeing some changes that are of some concern.

Recently we asked for the budget for this coming year. We immediately received a copy of the budget per the Open Records Act. But the budget sent was a total, consolidated budget, with no line items. So there was nothing to be looked at to see if it could be improved. Without the details it is worthless.

I have asked for the detailed budget, again per the Open Records Act, and am hoping to get it very soon since the final budget meeting is this coming Thursday, September 5th.

It is important that we have some time to look at those records as we have been told that some of the budget amounts are disturbing.

If we get it, we intend to analyze it and publish it for the citizens to look at. If we don’t get it, it will be up to you, the citizens, to decide if you want them passing a budget without any review.

Italy is a good place; we like the people; we like what we see; we like the schools. Can it be improved? Sure, all businesses, families, communities can be improved.

Last year I visited the country of Italy. Many people asked me where I was from and I answered, “Italy.”

They responded with, “But you don’t speak Italian.”

I said, “No, I am from the true Italy — Italy, Texas.” It usually got a laugh.

Thank you,
David B. South