Letter from the Publisher: Thank you Commissioner Perry

Commissioner Paul Perry

Dear Commissioner Perry,

I have been wanting to write this letter to you for several weeks. I want thank you very much for leading the way to get Kinfolk Lane fixed up.

When we moved here twenty four years ago Kinfolk Lane was a mess and I talked with the people from the county and they said they did not have the money to build the road up like it needed to be. So, I offered to provide the materials and do the road. That is when I dug the pond out at my place fourteen feet deep and got lime stone and white rock to build up the road. It worked well for many years until we had a construction project that required so much heavy equipment that traveled the road and, as a result, damaged the road seriously.

But you have done an exceptional job, it is really first class. If there is anything I would suggest, is if it is in your budget, would be to put a white stripe down the center. I think it would help make it a little safer. On the other hand it is working very well. We have about thirty units where people live on our twenty acres and as you well know there are a number of other people that live along that road and it has made a big difference. I want to thank you for following up with it in such a way that it is done right and done nicely.

Again, thanks.

David B South