The Act Of Giving

Today was a big payoff. For many years now, we have collected wheelchairs and other types of medical equipment. We do this in order to donate to people that may need it, or are not able to afford it. I invite others that are not in need of their old wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, nebulizers, oxygen machines, etc to bring it to us here at Monolithic, or we will pick it up from you.

This afternoon we had a lady stop by, and in her car with her was her twenty-seven year old daughter. They were on their way home from the hospital. The daughter had a condition that made her permanently paralyzed from the waist down, and she needed a wheelchair. They could not get it paid for by Medicare. Her mother knew that we had collected medical equipment from various donations in the area. Awhile back we had received some medical equipment which was exactly what she needed. She needed a wheelchair, an oxygen machine, and a portable potty. She needed someone who cared, and would help her with those items. We got them out of storage, loaded them in her mother’s car and about filled the car. The mother said she knew about us, because we had given wheelchairs to others that she had worked with in the past. She was extremely grateful, and we were glad to help her with her needs.

I am writing this to all of you in town, because I want you to know that your donations of medical equipment are truly, truly a benefit to other people. So, I am going to remind you, if you know where there is a wheelchair, potty chair, or an oxygen machine or anything like the above and you wish to donate these items just bring them here, or call us and we will come get them. This young lady is young and she will need these machines for a long time.

Again, thank you for all the good things you do and remember if you have things you would like to donate let us know.


David B South / Monolithic Constructors