Carolyn Maevers retires

Image: Carolyn Maevers — Carolyn Maevers will be missed by everyone.

Carolyn Maevers — Carolyn Maevers will be missed by everyone. (Cindy Sutherland)

There will be a retirement party for Carolyn Maevers on Wednesday, June 2nd from 2:00-3:00 in the elementary cafeteria. Please stop by and wish her much success in her retirement!!

“Good Morning class we are going to have a great day today” could be heard just about every morning at Stafford Elementary over the loud speaker. And of course I am talking about Carolyn Maevers. She never missed a chance to tell the kids she loved them and they were going to have a great day.

Carolyn will be sorely missed, because after giving almost thirty seven years of her life to the education field, fourteen of which she gave to Stafford Elementary, she will be retiring this year.

Maevers started her teaching career in Missouri teaching High School seniors speech and drama. Her teaching career took her to Livingston, Texas, Cleveland, Texas and then Italy, Texas.

Her vast career over the span of thirty seven years included positions as; speech therapist, educational diagnostician, special education counselor, Jr High assistant principal , Jr High principal and then of course principal of Stafford elementary for fourteen years.

Upon her retirement Carolyn will travel and spend more time with her family in Missouri and Louisiana. She said, “I have worked all these years and haven’t seen family all that much, now I am going to spend more time with family.” Carolyn plans to keep her residence here in Italy.

Ms. Maevers left us with these words, “I wish to thank the students, parents, and community of Italy for fourteen great years! I have enjoyed my time at Stafford Elementary School and I am very proud of the staff and students of Stafford. They have worked hard and they have been so cooperative with me as we made changes, tried new ideas, and developed into a smooth team that worked for the betterment of our school. The parents of Italy could not have been more cooperative and supportive. I appreciate every one and sincerely thank them for working with me these last fourteen years to help their children grow into successful learners.”

“It is very difficult for me to leave the staff and students of Stafford, but I feel that they need new leadership to help them continue to grow and be successful. They all have a special place in my heart that they will always hold. There are no words to say what I feel about leaving them. They are great and the new principal will be very fortunate to be the leader of such an outstanding campus. We are a family, a loving family at Stafford Elementary. I wish all the best and I will miss you.”

Carolyn Maevers last day is June 4th. It is an end of an era.

We will miss you Carolyn Maevers.