Stafford Elementary first six weeks honor assembly

Image: All A’s and B’s — These students earned all A’s and B’s.

All A’s and B’s — These students earned all A’s and B’s. (Cindy Sutherland)

Friday morning at 8:45 am the Stafford Elementary cafeteria was filled with smiling students, parents and teachers. It was the first six weeks award assembly now known as P.A.W.S. (Positive Academics of Winning Students). And winners they are.

There are some new awards for the students at Stafford Elementary this year, not only are they being honored for all A’s, all B’s and all A’s and B’s they also are honored for perfect attendance along with other awards.

“The Outstanding Tiger” award goes to two students in each grade level based on quality of work in academics and on behavior. The award is a dog tag.

“Academic Tiger” award goes to the student in each grade level with the most improved academics. These students were awarded medals.

“Leadership Tiger” award goes to the students who did not loose any “Tiger Paws”. The award is an extra recess and an ice pop.

“Triple A” award goes to the students with all A’s, attendance all day and each day and good attitude (no lost Tiger Paws). These students were awarded a trip to Dairy Queen for an ice cream treat.

“Tiger Readership” award goes to the student in each grade level with the most reading points. The award is a voucher for a free book.

The Tiger in these awards stand for:
T- Think
I – I am one person that can make a positive difference and I treat others with respect at all times.
G – for goal. Goals are attainable, make goals that are reachable.
E – is for education because education is very important.
R – is for rules and responsiblity.

The winners of “Tiger” awards are:

First Grade

Outstanding Tiger – Brodie Hugghins and Mikayla Venable
Academic Tiger – Isaac Gray
Tiger Readership – Chase Hyles
Triple A – ShaMyah Carson, Lorenzo Cortez, Jacob Davlia, Hayden Ivie, Mikayla Venable, Kinzie Whatley, Omar DelaHoya, Krystal Hernandez, Chase Hyles, Emily Janek, Jesus Luna, Kaitlyn Wims, Aaron Cardosa, Emily DeLaHoya, Deacon Dorety, Taliyah Ezell, Amber Hernandez, Brodie Hugghins, Eleuterio Salazar.

Second Grade

Outstanding Tiger – Brooke Gage and Guadalupe Morales
Academic Tiger – Evie Hernandez
Tiger Readership – Reese Janke
Triple A – Oralia Cortez, Destiny Harris, Noah Johnson, Haylee Mathers, Gage Wafer, nicholas Dorazil, Rocklin innett, Kort Holley, Reese Janek, Daniela Rincon, Ana Trejo,

Third Grade

Outstanding Tiger – Sydney Lowenthal and Hunter Hinz
Academic Tiger – Alexus Dorety
Tiger Readership – Lacy Mott
Triple A – Hannah Carr, Alex Jones, Grace Payne, Courtney Riddle, Tanner Chambers, Hannah Coffman, Vanessa Hernandez, Hunter Hinz, Lacy Mott, Wyatt Ballard, Montavian McDaniel, Jonathan Vest.

Fourth Grade

Outstanding Tiger – Abby Gage and William Tatum
Academic Tiger – Jonathan Salas
Tiger Readership – Savannah Lewis
Triple A – Karson Holley, Raegan Jones, Savannah Lewis, Taylor Boyd, Cassidy Gage, Hannah Haight, Adam Powell, Juliette Salazar, Alex Garcia, Karley Nelson, Abby Gage.

Fifth Grade

Outstanding Tiger – Zoe Hall and Brycelen Richards
Academic Tiger – Jenna Holden
Tiger Readership – Colton Allen
Triple A – Emily Cunningham, Trevor Mott, Kirby Nelson, Meagan Connor, Garrett Janek, Hunter Morgan, Ashley Tatum, Bailee Coffman, Peter Johnson, Elisha McClendon, Chris Munoz, Clay Riddle, Carlee Wafer, Matthew Wilsford.

Sixth Grade

Outstanding Tiger – Aaron Pittmon and Kyndal Stephens
Academic Tiger – Austin Pittmon
Tiger Readership – Jacob Brooks
Triple A – Christy Murray

Tammy Wallis (principal) proudly said, "The kids did a wonderful job, their behavior was excellent which is why we want to reward them and it is hard work going to school and learning new things. So we want them to realize it is important, it makes a difference when they work hard. I certainly appreciate all the teachers and committee members that made this happen. We had several teachers that worked very closely with me to put this awards assembly together and make it a little more special for the kids.

Congratulations Stafford Elementary students job well done.