Lacey Reavis, new kid on the block

Image: Lacey Reavis — Lacey Reavis is so happy to be teaching at Stafford Elementary.

Lacey Reavis — Lacey Reavis is so happy to be teaching at Stafford Elementary. (Cindy Sutherland)

Lacey Reavis is the new Kindergarten teacher at Stafford Elementary. She started at Stafford six weeks ago and is loving her job.

Reavis graduated from Hill College with an associates degree and went on to receive her Bachelors degree from Texas A & M Commerce. She has always wanted to be a teacher and had a difficult time deciding what to teach, “I have always wanted to be a teacher, I have taken different roads to be able to teach different subjects. I went from persuing getting a degree to be an Ag teacher and then on to learning about special education. I got a general degree in teaching and landed in kindergarten. Basically I just love kindergarten, I love the young ones.”

Lacey taught third grade her first year of teaching at Life School in Lancaster, Texas in 2009.

When asked what was special about her Kindergarten class, Ms. Reavis replied, “I love this kindergarten class because each child is so different. There are no two kids that act the same. I have twenty two individual personalities in my classroom. They talk different, they act differently, everything is so different and that makes it fun and interesting trying to learn each different personality.”

Reavis said, “My objective for my class this year is to get them ready and prepared for first grade and for us to have fun doing it. Kindergarten is their first year of school so I just want them to have the knowledge that school can be fun. It doesn’t just have to be strict, hard work. You can have fun while you are learning. I want them to have fun but also master all their learning skills as well.”

When asked why she wanted to be a teacher Lacey said, “I think teachers are the foundation for a positive education and you might not remember your first boss or your second boss but you will always remember your first teacher. And every teacher you have after that somehow or another will make an impact on your life and I am here to make a positive impact on my student’s lives.”

Mrs. Reavis continued, “I think Stafford Elementary is a great school. I have only been here for six weeks but I think it is a great school system. The principal and staff have been so helpful helping me learn all the ropes and I am still learning. I am glad to be here in Italy teaching at Stafford Elementary.”

Lacey Reavis, we are glad you are here!