Stafford Elementary’s fourth six weeks P.A.W.S. assembly

Image: All A’s — These students earned all A’s.

All A’s — These students earned all A’s. (Cindy Sutherland)

The fourth six weeks assembly at Stafford Elementary was a lot like the last one, lots and lots of awards were being given out. There were many happy and excited students accepting their awards, a lot of them were receiving extra recesses and ice cream coupons from Sonic.

The Tiger awards the students earned are:

  • Outstanding Tiger – This award goes to two students in each grade level based on quality of work in academic and on behavior.
  • Academic Tiger – This award goose to the student in each grade level with the most improved academics.
  • Tiger Readership Award – This award goes to the stunt in each grade level with the most reading points.

The winners of “tiger” awards are:


  • Outstanding Tiger – Frankie South
  • Academic Tiger – Shane Witte

Pre K Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Kinley Cate and Ella hudson
  • Academic Tiger – Clayton Hellner and Gavin Ramirez


  • Outstanding Tiger – Jake Hamby and Morgan Chambers
  • Academic Tiger – Kinley Whatley and Kiara Bueno

First Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Evan Cunningham and Zachary Magana
  • Academic Tiger – Harley McBride
  • Tiger Readership – Saidie Hines

Second Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Destiny Harris and Catie South
  • Academic Tiger – Xavier Green
  • Tiger Readership – Emma Martinez
  • Triple A – Orailia Cortez, Destiny Harris, Emma Martinez, Nicholas Dorazil, Rocklin Ginnett, and Creighton Hyles

Third Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Jesus Enriquez and Colby Hampton
  • Academic Tiger – Aliyah Turner
  • Tiger Readership – Shaniaya Johnson
  • Triple A – Colby Hampton, Courtney Riddle, Hannah Coffman, Lacy Mott, Hannah Carr, Kimberly Hooker and Arely Salazar

Fourth Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Allie Higgs and Sam Glover
  • Academic Tiger – Reagan Jones
  • Tiger Readership – Cassidy Gage
  • Triple A – Sam Glover

Fifth Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Lorena Rodriguez, Noel Garcia
  • Academic Tiger – Sarah Tate
  • Tiger Readership – Peter Johnson
  • Triple A – Clay Riddle, Jenna Holden and Trevor Mott

Sixth Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Tanner Bedard and Michael Hughes
  • Academic Tiger – Joe Celis
  • Tiger Readership – Jacob Brooks
  • Triple A – Vanessa Cantu

Keep up the good work Stafford Elementary!