Letter to the Editor: The Italy Gladiator Band needs our assistance

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to inform you that the award winning Italy Gladiator Regiment Band is seeking donations for their upcoming spring trip to Orlando, Florida. The trip is a reward for their outstanding achievements over the last 5 years of competition. Despite not having participated in UIL contests prior to 1980, over the last 5 years, the band has achieved many awards that were the first in Italy High School history.

Aside from their 1st division ratings in concert contests from 2008-2010 and those in sight reading from 2007-2010, the band has also earned 1st divisions at UIL marching contests consecutively since 2008. The band has also advanced to the area marching contest, Honor Band contest, and the Outstanding Performance Series contest. Last year, the band advanced to the state level of Honor Band competition to finish in 6th place overall.

In deciding on your donation, please also consider that roughly only 10% of all band members own their own instrument. The rest are using school owned, refurbished instruments. Even despite this disadvantage in quality of instruments, the students continue to surpass expectation.

In preparation for this trip, the band has participated in or has planned many fundraiser including car washes, concession stand sales, candy sales, spaghetti dinners and dances. With the approximate cost of the 3 day trip rising over the target cost-per-student amount of $250, any donation amount would be greatly appreciated and applied to the cost of transportation which has been estimated at over $10,000.00.