Apology to Italy Police Department


Hey, I just wanted to apologize for causing y’all a huge problem with the rat nesting. I had no idea or even crossed my mind that I was contributing to the delinquency of rats. So as soon as I was made aware by Chief Taylor I stopped and tried to clean up food on the ground and donate rat traps.

Letter to the Editor: A return to common courtesy

I am a native Texan. I have always been proud that Texas is generally considered a friendly state. We are very serious about our laws and I absolutely have no problem with obeying our laws and paying the penalty for not having done so. I am also a strong believer in good manners, honesty, and integrity. If nobody says anything about the abuse of power at your [Court Clerk’s] office many will be subjected to this judgement and misuse of position to punish people let alone, the disrespect issue.
If we want to live in a better place we have to be willing to be a voice for the betterment.

Letter to the Editor: Valid Italy City Council issues

I would encourage everyone that is interested to watch the video from the last council meeting. You will see that the City Council stated that Department Heads have operational control of their departments. In the case of the Police Department, the Chief has operational control which includes determining who is on the wrecker rotation. The only business discussed was wrecker service for the Police Department when they needed a vehicle towed.


Letter to the Editor

Before I filed to seek a seat on the Italy City Council, I had prayed about it, thought about it and talked to several people I respect and trust including my husband, Brian.

Letter to the Editor: Questionnaire suggestion

I have noticed that the candidates for School Board Members rarely if ever, mention their responsibility to the tax payer, it the ones that through their propery tax make the School District possible. It seems to me that the questions for the candidates and current School Board members should be expanded to include something similar to the below.

Letter to the Editor: My name is Jesus Contreras

We recently received this “letter to the editor” here at the ItalyNeotribune. The subject matter posed a quandary for the editors. Based on personal experiences, Italy Neotribune editor, Mike South chose to publish the letter along with a letter of his own.

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Letter to the Editor: The Journey

Image: My peers

My name is Madison Washington, I am currently a sophomore at Italy High School. During this current school year I served as the assistant drum major for the IHS Gladiator Regiment Band. I assisted Drum Major, Emily Stiles, in a phenomenal marching season and just as successful concert season. Last year, when I tried out for drum major, I had no idea what I was getting in to.

Letter to the Editor: Hispanic Heritage Month

As we begin the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, a certain group has faded from the memory of most of the public. This organization was made up of veterans from World War 2 who simply wanted the benefits that had been promised to all returning veterans, but were in fact kept from most minority veterans.

Letter to the Editor: 4th Annual Lions Club BBQ Cook-off a success

Image: Little Morgan was 1 of the 3 top kid cookers out of 20 this year.

The Italy Lions Club wishes to thank Lonestar BBQ Society for their support in our 4th Annual BBQ Cook-off. The cookers came from local and as far as Oklahoma, Abilene and Austin to name a few locations. The cookers were very generous with their donations and awesome BBQ. This year we had 50 cookers and that made it a qualifier for the Invitational Cook-offs later in the year.

Letter to the Editor: Craig Bales’ resignation

I am curious as to why Coach Bales was asked to resign by the Superintendent?  Was this an action that the entire School Board prompted?  Or was this brought about by one or two School Board Members bringing pressure on the Superintendent at their bidding?  If so did the rest of the Board KNOW that this was taking place?

Letter to the Editor: Thank you

My mother, Beverly Carter is a resident of Trinity Mission in Italy, Texas. While we were putting away the Christmas decorations in her room, I noticed there were more decorations to put away than I remembered putting out earlier in December.

Letter to the Editor: Hammer & Sickle and Swastika

Perhaps the ISD should pay a little more attention to teaching history instead of band. The school board should have been shocked by the lack of knowledge displayed by the students and either the lack of knowledge or the misrepresentation by a teacher. And I am shocked by the lack of knowledge by the School Board.

Letter to the Editor: Italy city water supply concerns

I stopped by City Hall and expressed my concerns to Mayor Jackson on Monday since I would be out of town on Tuesday and could not make the Italy EDC meeting.  While I appreciate that some of the citizens would like a community center, I feel that the Italy Economic Development Corporation needs to take a step back and consider some issues that are more vital to our future economic development. 

Letter to the Editor: Community Center Bricks

Just an idea, why not sell the bricks from the old Community Center? Some residence of Italy may be sentimental about those bricks.  The money made from the brick sales could go towards the new Community Center or beautification of Italy.  I would be a brick buyer!

Letter to the Editor: A thank you from Mark Stiles

Dear Italy Independent School District Patrons,
With end-of-school activities, vacations and adjusting our daily schedules for summer, we have all been busy these past weeks since the school board election. However, I did not want any more time to pass without thanking you for electing me to the board.

Letter to the Editor: Ethics in rural water supply companies

The problems we are encountering in this country did not begin in Washington DC. Unfortunately they began in the smallest of towns and communities across this country. If we could restore the ethics from the ground up, then the United States of America might be able to stop the cliff we are getting so close to falling off of.

Consumer Alert from Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott

Last week, the Texas Comptroller’s Office publicly announced that the names, addresses, Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses of more than three million Texans were inadvertently stored on a publicly accessible website. The information exposed on the website included data from the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), the Texas Workforce Commission and the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS).

Letter to the Editor: Response to Support for Mayor Jackson

My family and I moved to Italy in 2007, so I am not a long time resident of the city. But I am a native Texan. My personal belief is that the City Government could use some new blood. No one has opposed Mayor Jackson for several years, and 2 years ago, after he faced no opposition, his salary ballooned to the point that he is paid more than all of the other mayors in Ellis County combined. (see story excerpt 2 & 3) What else has happened in Italy during Mayor Jackson’s tenure?