Letter to the Editor: Dunlap Library Easter Party success!

Another Easter Party has come and gone, and my, how I look forward to next year‘s event!

We had a wonderful time, and I’d like to thank all the people who dropped by with candy, craft prizes, and plastic eggs shells. Thanks also to the many folks who sat down and helped stuff eggs with candy…your help was much appreciated, and your conversations were a delight. 

Thanks to Alison Green and the entire Hernandez family…y’all were a big, big help. Many thanks to The Flying Garcia Brothers…it just wouldn’t be a party without you guys! Thanks also to the Moms and Dads who hid the eggs and then watched the kids to make sure everyone was safe. Lastly, many thanks to the ItalyNeotribue staff for attending and taking marvelous pictures of our happy kids on this special day!

See you next year!!!