Letter to the Editor: Craig Bales’ resignation

I am curious as to why Coach Bales was asked to resign by the Superintendent?  Was this an action that the entire School Board prompted?  Or was this brought about by one or two School Board Members bringing pressure on the Superintendent at their bidding?  If so did the rest of the Board KNOW that this was taking place?

There very well could be TEA violations taking place here. 

And why has this topic not been given more coverage by the NeoTrib?

Not many schools in Texas decide to get rid of a District Champion winning football Coach, especially one who does things right and who has the kids respect. During the term of Coach Bales Administration of the Athletic Department there have been multiple playoff appearances in almost every sport. There have been regional appearances and State Qualification by Italy Athletes. All while done in an honorable sportsmanship like manner that taught the kids that citizenship and hard work were essential characteristics for young people.

As a citizen and a tax payer in the Italy ISD I am shocked at the amount of turnover in Administrative ranks in Italy ISD. In the last four years Italy ISD has gone through: 

- Three Superintendents
- Three High School Principals 
- Three Elementary Principal
- Three HS Counselors 

And all of this change has occured at considerable cost to the taxpayers of Italy ISD, ALL while school employees have been lectured ad nauseum by the Board about the need to save money. 

And if not many Texas High Schools have gotten rid of a District Champion Football Coach with apparently no cause, I am certain that NO school district in Texas has gone through this much turnover in Administration. Not ANY 5A School District, much less a small rural district the size of Italy.

It would seem to me that the people who are hiring the Adminstration of Italy ISD are the ones who need to be changed. 

And last year in a year where Italy ISD "RIF’ed Teachers and did not replace other teachers who left there was suddenly a need for an EXTRA HS Spanish Teacher? I am sure that the fact she just happened to be married to the brand new Superintendent was just a coincidence. 

And now the ONLY person who has been a constant in Italy ISD over the last four years, not to even mention a SUCCESSFUL and proven leader has now been replaced with apparently no reason.

Something is not right and the citizens and tax payers deserve answers and accountability.

But even more important these constant and discouraging upheaval in Administration is the effect it has to be having on the students of Italy ISD. Every time there is a change in Administration new and different policies are put in place. By the time our kids get used to a leader and their way of educating them that person is replaced. 

Yet I have heard every member of the Italy ISD School Board exclaim that they are “there for the kids”. Maybe so, but what you do “speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say”. 


Stephen D. Coleman