Letter to the Editor: Plea for Help

The Italy Ex-student Association needs your help. For the last eight years, I have sent out the letters and kept up with whatever needed to be done. And I have loved it! I would like to continue but my failing eyesight just won’t let me. I guess sometimes you just have to know when to stop.

Letter to the Editor: In Appreciation

Words are not enough to thank everyone for their help and support for the benefit fundraiser for me. When I was diagnosed with cancer, it was devastating. Then, when the treatments forced me to give up my employment, it was even more devastating. I appreciate everyone that helped organize the event, prepare the food, work during the benefit, our amazing DJ and those that came to support me. A big thanks to Dart Container and Chicken Express in Waxahachie for their donations. I also want to thank the Waxahachie Daily Light and Italy Neotribune for printing my story. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and ask that you continue to pray for my healing.

Wisdom or Insanity?

Wisdom is defined as the ability to discern or judge what is true, right or lasting. It is also the use of common sense, good judgment and a wise outlook, plan or course of action. Insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Wisdom is what built this country; the lack of or unwillingness to use wisdom is the insanity that will bring our failure.

Letter to the Editor: Flags flying at a local business

Image: Photo Taken August 17, 2010, 8:15pm — You can plainly see how bad it is tattered.

I usually just walk in and talk to managers or owners about this problem, but this is the third time its occured at this one business. I’m not picking on this company. I’ve called the school when their flags need to be replaced and I’ve gone into City Hall and mentioned it to them.
Note: On August 20, 2010 new flags flying at the Exxon Station.

Homecoming 2010—1960 Class Reunion

Emails and letters have been mailed to the nine living members of the 1960 graduating class of Italy High School about Homecoming this fall. Here’s hoping that Anne Bearden Himes, Peggy Brown McDaniel, Garlin Bell, Sue Davis Batte, Margaret Feaster Epperson, Eddie Green, Annette Ince Hooser, Elaine Norcross Alexander, and Glynda Thomas Underwood will be able to attend. We will look forward to visiting with friends from other classes as well.

Letter to the Editor: The Korean War

60 years ago the Korean War began and cost over 30,000 American lives. While the war has never officially ended we have allowed it to be forgotten by many Americans. In some cases it’s not even a footnote in the history books.

Letter to the Editor: Conducting the public business in private

The promoters who have been pushing a likely economically catastrophic jail proposal on Italy, have become more secretive in recent years, especially since one of their disasters, the poorly designed failed jail at Hardin, Montana, made international headlines. It wasn’t the first nor the last of their many schemes to go bust, merely the most notorious.

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Letter to the Editor: Italy Jail prospect

I was forwarded your article. It was a very informative and well written article. It is very interesting that James Parkey of Corplan is interested in building a jail in Italy, Texas. Ellis County just built a county owned and county operated facility in Waxahachie which will be housing “contract inmates.” McLennan County just finished building a 816 bed facility that will house “contract inmates.” It was built with a program Parkey will be trying to convince Italy Council members is a sound investment and will stimulate the Italy economy.

Memorial Day poem

If you’re a veteran you’ve most certainly seen or heard this poem. If you’re over the age of 40 you’ve probably heard it. If you’re my age you remember when organizations gave away or raised money selling poppies this time of year.

Thank You from Trinity Mission

During our life time we cross paths with some of the most wonderful folks in the world. We learn, we laugh, we grieve, we love; but most of all we rejoice in the many friendships that we develop through the years. This wonderful year has been filled with joy, tears and many other emotions that you can imagine, but the most wonderful thing that we have been blessed with are God’s love, our families, friends and residents.

Thanks from Coach Kyle Holley

The three-day, sixteen-team Italy Basketball Tournament, held December 3-5, was a success for the sixth year in a row. As always, there are numerous people to be thanked for their involvement and contributions.

Thank you Italy High School

I would like to express my thanks to Italy High School for honoring the local veterans on Veteran’s Day. The program was so well planned and executed. It was a very emotional day as we were honored and appreciated.

Letter to the Editor

I will be the first to admit I am not a trained journalist. I do love to write though. Several years ago I began covering Gladiator sports for the Itasca Express – Italy did not have a newspaper at that time. Then I covered all Italy news for the Italy News Herald. After I began writing the City of Italy monthly newsletter, I was approached by the Italy Neotribune to submit articles to them.

Wisdom is Freedom

No matter how much we argue, disagree or interrogate each other we still live in the greatest God Blessed nation in the world. If we want it to stay this way we must be willing to ask questions and voice individual opinions without fear of repercussion. We can find answers and, in most cases, compromise together on solutions. We must stand for the Constitution, Liberty and the freedoms that are God given and we are not being selfish but, on the contrary, we are being wise, thinking of the future generations and not our own wants. Notice I said wants not needs.

Another Concerned Citizen

In Response to two previous letters written by unknown sources, isn’t it wonderful that we live in a country where we can express our first amendment rights (even when spewing venom) and not fear the Gestapo beating your door down. I am going to use my first amendment right by playing the devil’s advocate.

Letter to the Editor: Beer and wine sales

I had not heard much about the upcoming election regarding beer and wine sales in Italy until a couple of weeks ago. Now, that is just about all I am hearing. After much soul searching and some research, I knew how I wanted to vote on all the issues, not just the local beer and wine sales issue. I exercised my right to vote when I voted early.

Is this supposed to do that?

Image: “Old Addition” River

Over the past four years I have listened to my sister complain about the drainage ditch by her house. Then recently I saw someones post on Facebook about how the street where they lived (Milan Street) was a river. At lunch today I decided I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

In response to Milford Water Bill

Council voted to raise the water bill tonight by 6 dollars on sewage. Also raised the rates on above minimum usage, or per gallon rates up to 6/1000g for water, and 5/1000g for sewer. Increase of 2 on water to 4000, then 1 dollar/1000; and 3 on sewer/1000.

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Water bills to increase $25.00

The Milford city council will meet in a called meeting on Tues Sept 8, 2009 to vote to increase residential water bills by $25.00 per meter in order to collect money towards paying back to the State of Texas over $300,000 it collected from traffic citations issued on I-35 over several years.

Letter from a concerned citizen regarding the Italy mayor’s pay

“I wonder if anyone could do a follow up on his exorbitant pay. I wonder if he makes JUST UNDER what max limit is on welfare or disability. I think this is very sad and hope that this type of thing never happens again. He owes that money to the citizens in the form of taxes, water bill, or city employee raises. A decent man would have objected to that kind of pay. I think some investigation into how they came up with that number would turn over some interesting stones.”

Trash under the I-35E bridge at Hwy 34

I have noticed at least a dozen 5 gallon buckets under the I-35E bridge at Route 34. I am not sure what happen there it looks like someone’s load shifted or there was a wreck. Whatever, we need someone to take responsibility and get this mess cleaned up. I understand it should have been the bucket owners’ responsibility but I am sure he is way down the road by now. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Letter from Coach Robert Sollers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of all the Junior High kids who participated in Track this year. It was a great pleasure working with your children, and I am very proud of their success this season.

Joining the movement to cure arthritis

Arthritis is a serious and sometimes deadly disease. Today, 1 in 5 people suffer from the pain of arthritis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) projects that by the year 2030, 67 million people in the U.S. or 1 in 4 adults, will live with arthritis.

One Inspiration Passes

Another day passed as Beverly’s life on earth ended. I hope her family realizes how much Beverly was admired by many colleagues. They must give her due credit for what she added to this world in such a short time.

Thank You

We want to thank “everyone” but most especially the Italy Fire Department for their valiant efforts and time spent trying to save our house Saturday night.

Thanks for your prayers and calls

We would like to express our thanks to everyone for their prayers and calls during Bob Mack’s recent hospital stay. He is at home now and we still need everyone’s prayers. We are thankful for our Italy family.

Italy ISD targets children’s education/safety-Not wallets, Mr Perry!

My name is Mark Stiles and I have chosen to support the education of the children of the Italy Independent School District by voting “yes” on Saturday October 11, 2008 in the tax rollback election. I take issue with many things in Paul Perry’s remarks concerning school rollback elections that were printed in Wednesday’s paper [Waxahachie Daily Light — Mr. Perry’s letter was published earlier today in the Neotribune]. Unlike Mr. Perry, I choose to send my children to school in Italy. Perhaps if he chose to do the same, Mr. Perry would “clearly see a need” to vote ‘YES’ in this election. I find it disappointing that Mr. Perry is so uninformed of the facts of this election. Reasonably, had he attended either of the two public forums sponsored by the Italy ISD, he would be more knowledgeable of the actual facts; thus, understanding the benefits and need of a successful election to better the education of our children — present and future.

On Saturday’s election

Just in time for the coming recession, your school board wants more of your money. The state legislature has already sent more money to your local school district than ever before. In exchange for providing increased state funding, your local school district is supposed to give you a substantial property tax rate decrease. In an attempt at financial and political judo, many local school districts want to partially restore the old property tax rates, hence the term “rollback,” while keeping increased state funding.