Letter to the Editor: Valid Italy City Council issues

I would encourage everyone that is interested to watch the video from the last council meeting. You will see that the City Council stated that Department Heads have operational control of their departments. In the case of the Police Department, the Chief has operational control which includes determining who is on the wrecker rotation. The only business discussed was wrecker service for the Police Department when they needed a vehicle towed.

City Council candidate, Steven Farmer, posted on Facebook “If you are a business owner and your thinking about opening a business in Italy. You have to get our Police Chief’s approval first. City Council made it clear that he has the say so in any business that comes to town.”

That is not what was said and that was not the topic that was discussed. We have enough problems, why in the world are people making stuff up? But false flags make for lots of comments and reactions on Facebook.

Again, there are enough valid issues that need to be addressed with finances, infrastructure and operations. None of our council members, employees and citizens are perfect. I have no problems with any changes that need to be made. But we need folks to come together and build a consensus, not throw mud and make false allegations.

[[ Click to view last Italy City Council meeting video ]]

Comment by Steven Farmer – 4/21/2014, 2:11pm

Once again Candidate John Droll and his compatriots prefer to use misdirection to validate our City Council’s unacceptable decision to give the Chief of Police operational oversight in an area that specifically affects the township of Italy’s economy.
Why choose to give business to another city’s economy when we as a town need to grow? The fact that any one man has a choice over what business in any locality is allowed to subsist is a blatant miscarriage of free market capitalism. This can not be tolerated in a responsible governing body, yet has been a constant presence too long.
My comment on FaceBook was only to bring to light the perception of the people, that business dealings in Italy will be, or already are, under the scope of the Chief of Police’s “Operational Oversight.” For now it is only the Towing business in question…and that is already too much.
This topic, as well as many others, has been a sore spot for many of the community. My reasoning for participating in any of these conversations has been solely for the betterment of the City of Italy. I agree that the City needs to come together. I firmly believe that a new approach is needed using traditional values of right and wrong. That is why I am running for City Council along with Paul Cockerham, to effectively promote the changes needed to move the City of Italy forward and set our city up for the future. These are my opinions and those shared by many citizens of Italy. They require no further comment.
Steven Farmer
Cell# 817-202-3525

Comment by John Droll — 4/22/14, 10:10pm

Mr. Farmer: We are all compatriots.