Letter to the Editor: Facebook Comments

I would like to know who made the decision to clean house on face book? Stories about the city problems that were once posted on your page, have either been removed or hidden so they can’t be viewed. There were citizens comments on those stories that were now written in vain. I can understand the removal of comments if they contained harmful, racial, violent acts, or the poster used a false identity. But to remove stories from your page, where citizens have freely commented, without the hassle of a submission to the editor, is just a way to tell the community their voice and opinions do not matter. Also removing comments that may shed light and inform citizens of problems occurring in the city is simply wrong. If you are going to pick and choose between posted stories, because there is something said that someone doesn’t like, you should not accept comments on your page at all. I would hope if the stories are just hidden, not deleted from your timeline, you will rectify the situation.

Gayle Kinze

There have not been any comments removed by the Italy Neotribune from the Italy Neotribune’s Facebook page.
Perhaps the comment posters have removed their comments on their own?
I can assure you that we, the Italy Neotribune, have not “cleaned house on Facebook.”
All story posts on our Facebook page are posted automatically via an automated feed service.
We do not have the staff in place to monitor the page manually.
If you would have a specific post in question that you would like us to research, when time permits please, let us know.
I appreciate your concern, albeit misguided.
Thank you,
Mike South