Letter from Luin McConnell, Sr., Italy City Council Candidate

My name is Luin McConnell, Sr. I have lived my entire life right here in Italy. I graduated from IHS in the 70’s. For the last 25 years I have been employed at Oil City Iron Works in Corsicana. I have loved working for the same company for that long. Nothing, however, would’ve made me happier had it been 25 years with a company in my hometown, just as my father had done. I want the future generations of the town to have the opportunity to earn an honest living here. Like all of you I have enjoyed living in this town.

I was approached by some of the community leaders to run for city council, because they wanted a fair and honest representative for our community. Someone in which they know embodies the spirit of this community. I served on the ISD school board for approximately eight years. While serving, we accomplished many feats. The new wing of the high school was approved and built with new computer and science labs. The Dome gymnasium was approved and built as well. I coached youth baseball for many years alongside my brother-in-law. I also took part in creating a business that provided an avenue of fun for our city’s youth.

As a community we face many obstacles. I believe that fiscal responsibility, being transparent with the community and encouraging community involvement are just a few. I also believe we need to revitalize downtown, not only for its historic value but for our youth as well. We need to create more community events in downtown throughout the year to attract visitors and outside business.

If I were to be elected to the City Council, there are many issues that would need to be addressed during my tenure. Pressing for the city to move in a positive direction, culturally speaking, is very important to me. The most important, however would be to remain honest and trustworthy during all city endeavors. Every issue this town faces is important. Empty seated politicians use words such as “least important.” If the community feels it is important then it’s important!

The top priority for the city after the election is fiscal responsibility. We must ensure that there is a balanced budget. We must stop knee jerk reactions to the problems that arise and we have got to have some sort of thought process before making any decisions. In order to keep our expenses at a minimum, we need to continually evaluate our budget closely.

Another priority would be a cooperative dialog between the city and our school district. This is a must in order for our community to grow and prosper. The school district with the current Bond Project is a step in the right direction. The city must follow suit.

If any one person knows me they know that I am an open book. Though some may not like it, they do appreciate the fact that I voice my opinion. And at all cost, I stick to my guns and fight for what I believe in. I ask that on Saturday, May 6th you get out and vote. Whether you vote for me or my opponent you will be making a good decision because you voted.

Only you have the power to change this wonderful community. So get out, vote, and make it happen!