Letter to the editor: South Ellis County Water Supply Corporation

If you own property and get your water from this organization you are a member. Their annual meeting will be April 30, 2012 at their office in Italy, Texas. You should be aware that the decisions this organization makes through their board of directors directly effects YOU.

Below is just one example of what they are about and there could be many other situations that could cause great concern regarding the running of this organization. Keep in mind that we as members are responsible and can be held accountable as this board of directors makes decision that we as members are never told or are told after the fact.

In the State of Texas there are at least 1600 water supply corporations that are non-profit. These water supply corporations have the ability to write their own bylaws and make that their LAW.

My question is how are their bylaws that are written, above state and federal law?

Example: Water supply corporations write their bylaws stating that membership is personal property. First problem, their membership cannot stand alone, it is directly related to the water meter and real property. So how are they separating the real property laws and personal property. Second problem, they say that they have the right to pass the past due account related to that personal property on to a new real estate property owner without revealing that situation prior to the closing of that real estate property. Third problem, how can they pass the past due account balance to someone other than the person that accumulated that past due balance. That is someone’s personal private information. If they cannot pass that information to the new real estate property owner how can they justify a past due balance. Take their word for it. HA HA. Fourth problem. How can they intimidate and threaten if you do not pay this balance when they cannot legally prove there is a balance.

Just a little something for you as members to think about. To the directors keep in mind you are the responsible party to any and all performances of this corporation and can be held personally responsible.

They have a board meeting in their office every second Thursday of each month. We will not attend these meetings simply because we will not engage the current manager in a confrontation. He is rude, disrespectful and his only response to situations like the one stated above, is that their bylaws say they can do this. As I stated before, their bylaws DO NOT trump state or federal laws.

Phyllis and Larry Lemmon