Letter to the Editor: A thank you from Mark Stiles

Dear Italy Independent School District Patrons,

With end-of-school activities, vacations and adjusting our daily schedules for summer, we have all been busy these past weeks since the school board election. However, I did not want any more time to pass without thanking you for electing me to the board.

During the election campaign, I found a great deal of interest in creating positive change in our school district.  Everyone I talked with expressed genuine concern about our children getting a solid, outstanding education. This is possible – but only through our working together.

Our School Board is made up of people from diverse backgrounds which will enrich our discussions, and will help us reach sound decisions for our school system. I look forward to working with my fellow members to develop a quality education for our children.

Our first step: we have hired a very fine Superintendent, Barry Bassett.  He brings a solid record of achievement to Italy. Mr. Bassett will be successful with the shared efforts of our board, teachers, staff, students and community.  If you have not yet met him, reach out to him and make yourself known.  Our school system is the center of our community, and through working with our Superintendent we can achieve the results we all know are possible.

Thank you for your vote of confidence in my election to the School Board. I don’t know all of the answers.  But I do know I want to work with you so we can be part of the solution for our children and their education.

This is our first step in creating a dialogue.  A starting point to bring about better days for our schools, for our community  —  for our CHILDREN’S future.

Mark W. Stiles